Who is Drew Bly?

Drew Bly, from Louisville, KY, is an adventure, fine art, military, portrait photographer with a photo studio in the Fashion District, Downtown LA. Drew is a Second Lieutenant in the US Army Reserve. He is frequently found traveling the United States as a local person never with exact sleeping arrangements. 


Drew enjoys riding his bicycle, crossfit, rock climbing, hip-hop & folk music, authentic vintage jerseys, shopping carts, stand up comedy,  and keeping in a creative state of mind.


Drew finds inspiration: Dan Winters, Platon, Richard Avedon, David LaChapelle, Gregory Heisler, Howard Schatz, Pari Oukauic, Erwin Olaf, Victoria Will, Clay Cook, & Jonathan Mannion.


LLWF Photo 

(Live Life Without Fear Photography)

was founded in January 2011

by Drew Bly in his Chicago apartment.


Drew is available for several types

of creativity to include:

studio & environmental portraits, 

35mm photography, 

video production multi-media, & logo design.

Drew's most recent work @llwfphoto

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